23 June 2010

Nothin' Makes a Day Better Like New Shoes

I'm sure I'm not the only one who indulges in a little retail therapy for a case of the blues.  I generally prefer instantaneous gratification, so I avoid online shopping when I'm feeling bluesy.  Plus, I tend to purchase more because stuff just isn't real until it's in my hot little hands.

But for these Diane Von Furstenberg Luna sandals, I broke my cardinal rule...I bought online.  I couldn't pass up these babies.  Mega-high heels, metallic bronze, need I go on?  Perfect for a night out on the town or oh, say, grocery shopping at Tar-zhay.   I'll let you guess where I did the test driving.

I promise these aren't nearly as cankley-looking in real life as they are in the pictures.  I had to bend, contort, and position my feet in odd positions just to get a couple of good shots.

More of me waxing poetic over these shoes and don't miss out on the kitty pics!
Now, even though I'm 5'9" (and I'm the short one in my family!!) I love a good pair of heels.  I'm lucky the husband is so tall, although I just might be about his height in 'em.  These suckers are 5 1/4" of bronze beauteousness, with a 1 1/4" platform, which actually makes them fairly comfortable...keep in mind, I do have a skewed sense of what is "comfortable" when it comes to shoes.  4" heels can be as comfortable as my flats.  At least that's what I tell myself when I'm trying them on.  But, even after trekking around for a couple of hours, my feet weren't all that achy, and I didn't feel the need to yank them off immediately upon arriving home.

So, there you have it.  I love my new shoes.  I can dress them up or down and wear them all about town.  (Just to get the poetic-part in there)

swatchcat C was less enthused about my new kicks and more interested in letting his fur ruffle in the breeze.

swatchcat D was much more accommodating in cheesing for the camera.


  1. Those are so cute! I wish I could rock strappy stuff like that, I tend to go for pumps because I feel like I have not cute, fat feet lol.

  2. Too bad we don't wear the same size! I'd trade you a night in my Coach strappy heels for a night in those babies.

  3. Cydonian - these are almost gladiator-like in their coverage, so no fat feeling feet here!

    Kasey - if I could change one thing between us, it would be for us to be the same size so we could share clothes and shoes!

  4. I love that you wore DVF shoes to Target.

  5. They gotta be worn somewhere! I almost stopped at Home Depot, too, but I was hungry, so I went straight home.

  6. Those are beautiful! I wish I could afford shoes like that, but I am a poor student at the moment. I will look at your photos and live vicariously through you!

  7. I'm going to try to avoid buying new shoes for at least a couple of months. But, I'm already predicting I will fail miserably, lol!