19 February 2011

Laundry Cats

I was going to fold the laundry I did earlier this week, but who would want to disturb this:

The laundry can wait.

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't posted anything tasty in awhile, so I thought I'd post these delicious cupcakes.  I'm giving my coworkers a little treat for Valentine's Day - Red Velvet Cupcakes!  Totally thematic with the red cake and ivory frosting, and totally indulgent.  Perfect if your honey loves sweet treats!

Click the jump for the recipe and another teaser pic!

12 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - Diamond Geezer

Want a bright, silvery foil with little bits of glitter?  Diamond Geezer would be it.  I almost wore this for New Year's Eve, but I figured bright foily, silver would be too cliche.  Eh, I have the rest of the year to wear this one.

11 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - Branwen's Feather

Branwen's Feather is described as a blackened purple (yes, another one...shocker!) reminiscent of a raven's feather.  Yeah, that pretty well describes is all right.  Branwen's Feather has a deep black base with purple and multicolor shimmers.  Gorgeously vampy is how I describe it.

Again, apologies for the craptastic photos.  Just picture this color richer and not so washed out and you'll get an idea of how awesome it is.

10 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - HRH

You can't honestly be surprised to find another purple on my favorites list.  I love me some purple.  HRH is a vibrant, glowy red-based violet with multicolor shimmer.  It is very nearly a metallic, but not quite there.

09 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy is another beautiful neutral.  This one is nearly my skintone, so it makes my hands look long and lean, kinda like a pair of nude platform pumps, but for the nails.  It has just a bit of silvery shimmer to keep it from looking flat.  If you're uber-pale like me, this would be a perfect neutral for you, and I imagine on darker skintones, this would be a gorgeous contrasting color.

08 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - All Hail The Queen

How could I not pick All Hail The Queen (fka All Hail McQueen, originally created for late designer extraordinare Alexander McQueen)?  First and foremost, IT HAS HOLO GLITTER!!!  Plus, it's a beautiful neutral and has silver glitters along with HOLO GLITTER!!!  My favorite thing about this polish is how wearable it is.  Yes, there is holo glitter (yeah, I'm all done yelling), but indoors, it is rather subtle and looks more like fine, silvery glitter, making it great for office-wear, even in those conservative ones.

Check this beauty out!

07 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - The Big Smoke

Continuing the Butter London posts is The Big Smoke.  Never have I received so many compliments on a nail color, from women AND men!  The Big Smoke is an utterly gorgeous, metallic navy blue, remimiscent of the night sky.

If you asked me to recommend a blue polish, this one would definitely be it.  See, I told you I was a liar...I really do like blue polishes, especially this one!

My apologies for the shoddy pictures, we can't seem to get a sunny weekend here.  But, if The Big Smoke still manages to look that gorgeous in pictures, you can just imagine how it looks in person!

06 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - Marrow

I'd been reading lots of good things about Butter London polishes, so I decided to indulge myself in a few (read:  13 or so).  I was going to do just a couple massive posts, but these colors are so pretty I decided each deserves it's own post.  Given all the Butter London polishes I have to post about, I'm going to declare this "Butter London Week" and post all my favorites (of what I have, anyway) this week.

Butter London polishes are all 3-Free and are the creation of Brit Sasha Muir who moved stateside to Seattle and, with the help of fellow Brit, Nonie Creme, created the line based on her home country, complete with a cheeky British naming-convention.  Just about all of the polishes had full coverage in two coats, with the exception of one (I'll let you know which one when I post it).  I always do three coats, though.

Up first from my expanding Butter London collection is Marrow, a beautiful blue-based purple with subtle shimmer.  The first and last pictures are the most color-accurate.

Click the jump for more pics!