20 September 2010

Lots of swatch posts coming up!

So y'all don't think I'm a bad blogger, I wanted to let you know what I have planned for my next few posts.  I'm on a little trip, and brought my camera with to upload and edit swatch photos, and to take pictures if I purchased anything of interest, as well.  Wouldn't you know it...I left the computer cable at home.  Doh!!

So instead, I'll get you guys excited for what is coming up.  I have a slew of polishes from Barielle, including a few of the fall ones.  I also did comparison swatches for the Chanel Soho Polishes Steel and Strong.  Plus, I finally swatched the China Glaze fall 2010 collection.  That's just a little tidbit of what will be appearing soon.  Thank you for staying with me!

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