27 September 2010

Barielle Nail Polishes - Part 1

First of all, I want to say Barielle has a great customer service department.  I ordered a bunch of polishes with the buy two, get one free deal (still going on, btw) and when my order arrived, there was a polish in there I didn't order in place of one I did.  I called Barielle, explained my problem, and they sent out my polish ASAP...and I got to keep the interloper.  Extra bonus, it's a color I would actually wear!  Score!

On to the polishes, they are 3-Free with a fairly decent formula.  It is a little runny (like many 3-Frees are), but most colors I was able to achieve opacity in two coats (a couple took three, and a couple more took four).  The brush is standard sized (not the prowide kind), and maybe just a tad bigger than the Chanel brush.  I like the size since I have small and narrow nails.

As I mentioned, I purchased mine directly from Barielle, but great news, Ulta is carrying a selection from the brand in-store!  I don't mind purchasing online, but I know some people like to see for themselves before handing over a wad of cash.

Now for the first batch of swatches.

Aura Angora is a brownish-yellow cream, and is part of the fall 2010 collection, Style in Argyle.  I had a hard time figuring out how I would describe this color...until I picked up a jar of peanut butter.  An exact match.  Peanut butter nails.  Me likey!

Cashmere or Loose Me is a rosy brown cream with fine copper and gold shimmers, and is also part of Style in Argyle.  Even though the shimmer is nearly invisible unless you're in the light, it does lend a certain glowy-ness to the color.  I'm not sure how close this is to Chanel Khaki Rose, but offhand, I'd say they're at least cousins.

Cowl of the Wild is a deep taupe cream from the Style in Argyle collection.  Original?  No, but I love these types of colors, so I really don't care.  Again, this one is faintly reminiscent of a Chanel Khaki color, Khaki Brun, but it doesn't have that green tinge to it that Khaki Brun does.  I will post comparisons with the Chanels (hopefully by the end of the week), and maybe save someone a few bucks.

Tight Knit is a plush, plummy cream with a touch of brown to it (from Style in Argyle).  The plum tones in this one definitely come through, as compared with the brown-based colors from the collection.  This one is a little more unique, as it is a plummy violet, rather than a greyed mauve.  Plus, the stronger red-based purple makes it a little less edgy and wearable than a greyed mauve.

Belly Dance is a gorgeous nude with just the slightest hints of mauve, pink and taupe, and shot through with silver shimmer.  I really, really love this color.  It's one of those that transforms on your nails and brings out different hues on different skintones.  The beautiful silver shimmer keeps the color from looking pasty and dead.  Truly a favorite of mine.

Get Mauv-ing is a pretty mauve cream.  Very much a color we've been seeing a lot, lately.  This one does fall on the warmer side of the spectrum, but still not really unique.  A pretty color nonetheless, and with the warm undertones, quite wearable.

These polishes are available on Barielle's website or at Ulta.  As I mentioned above, Barielle is still doing the buy two, get one free promotion, and has free shipping for purchases over $50.

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