21 July 2010

Zoya Wicked and Wonderful Collections

Zoya is back with two new collections for fall, the Wicked and Wonderful Collections, and they are fabulous.  Would you expect anything less from Zoya, though?  I purchased the entire Wicked Collection (it's cheaper to purchase the set) and two of the colors from the Wonderful Collection.  I wish I could've bought them all, but with limited funds, and lots of pretty stuff for fall, I had to be choosy.

Details of my choices and lots of pictures after the jump!

Edyta is a gorgeous, slightly blackened, antique-y green with golden, coppery metallic shimmer.  The metallic flakes definitely remind me of fall, and this is up there as one of my favorites.  Interesting note, if you do a quick swipe of polish remover over your nails, the green base comes off quite easily, leaving you with a layer of the golden, coppery metallic shimmer on your nails!

Carrie Ann is a bright, glowy, metallic red with warm, golden and pink shimmer.  I don't know how Zoya does it, but they are seriously awesome at making glowy polishes.  I'm kinda over red polishes for fall, but this one sure is pretty and will certainly stand out on a dreary fall day.  If you love reds, you do not want to pass on this one.

Kym is a bronzed, metallic chestnut-red, I guess.  This one is really hard to describe.  It's not straight up red or brown.  It's somewhere inbetween.  I wasn't sure I'd like it, because honestly, I don't find it to be very pretty in the bottle.  On the nails, it's a different story.  A really complex, gorgeous color that shimmers golden and violet-pink in the sunlight.

Karina is another one of those glowy, metallic colors.  It's a deeper, pinked red with golden and pink shimmers.  This one really transforms on your nails and has some serious depth to it.  Again, if you love reds, do not pass on this one.

Cheryl is a beautiful metallic bronze-y brown with golden and violet-pink shimmers.  Its base is slightly blackened, giving it some interesting depth.  Far from a boring brown.  It is just so, so pretty!  The violet-pink shimmers have sucked me in, making this one also a favorite.

Julieanne is a blackened purple with golden-pink duochrome shimmer to it.  If you're thinking  this is just like Mimi, so you can skip it, you're wrong.  This is Mimi's older, more sophisticated sister.  Mimi is a bright, jeweltone violet, whereas Julieanne is a deep, vampy eggplant, and the sparkle in Julieanne is not quite as in-your-face as it is with Mimi.  Trust me, you need both, especially if you love purple.  I love this color.  It's edgy, with a fun twist.  My second favorite.

Kristi is bold, bright red creme.  Super shiny and sexy.  Picture wearing it with a black mini dress or strappy stilettos.  40's pin-up red.  It's that sexy.  It leans more to the pink-red side, but only ever-so-slightly.  I'd say this is as close to a neutral-red as you'll get.  It should be a staple in any polish-wearers' arsenal.

Kelly is quite a complex color for being a creme.  It's a deep grey that has hints of blue-violet, especially on my pinkish skintone.    It's more grey than it shows in the pictures.  This one is my favorite of the bunch.  I didn't expect it to be (I expected Julieanne, which if you know me and my love for all things purple, isn't a big surprise).  I love a good grey polish, but this one is just so much more plain grey.

swatchcat D was so excited to help with swatching that he rushed outside and plopped himself down in a puddle.  Silly cat!  

After a long and grueling swatch-session, he came inside and licked the crumbs from his bowl to re-energize himself.  Didn't even bother to dry himself off!

I did my standard three coats on each of the polishes, and most of them did need all three coats to achieve opacity.  Otherwise, the formulas for these seem to be pretty standard for Zoya.  I'm sure you noticed the bubbling on a couple of the polishes, and I don't think it has anything to do with the formula.  I didn't let the coats dry enough in between, so you'll want to make sure that each coat is nearly dry before applying another.  The Wicked and Wonderful Collections are available online at Zoya.  Polishes are $7 each or $36 for each of  the sets.


  1. Kristi and Kelli both look fun! Thanks for the swatches. Cute kitty

  2. Ooooh, I want Kelly and Edyta so bad! Never owned a Zoya before.

  3. Zoya polishes do not disappoint. I have a ton of them!