22 July 2010

Another Awesome and Cute Find

Initially I saw these Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals and didn't really think anything of them.  But then I saw them on a friend of mine, and was surprised at how cute they were!  I, of course, rushed out to find them.  I didn't set out to get the exact color my friend had, but the marigold yellow was just too cute.  Plus, I didn't own anything in yellow.

See how cute?!

Plus, the leather straps are just so soft and supple, which equals extremely comfortable.  And the marigold yellow color goes with everything, a pseudo-neutral, as it's called.  swatchcat C approves of these adorable sandals!

All that, and I got 'em for under $7!  Gotta love Target sales!  I'm pretty sure the whole CV for Target line is on sale right now, and there were a couple of other cute styles and pretty colors (like pink and white) available.  For the price and quality, I highly recommend snagging a pair (or two!), if you can.

Polish:  Zoya Dakota