27 July 2010

Yes, this is a dress

I saw this gorgeous purple print dress on style blogger Orchid Grey and immediately knew I had to have it.  Freaking adorable on her, right?  I located it online and purchased it.  Behold this "dress" on me:

Pretty Pattern!

Not exactly a frock I can wear out in public as it's given designation.  According to the sizing chart, the dress should've hit me mid-thigh.  A little shorter than I usually wear, but fun for a sultry evening out.  The "dress" I received, as you can see, barely covers my lady parts.  I suspected that a lofting breeze would blow the skirt all about.  I found that out first-hand when I went for groceries later that day.  Had I not been wearing shorts, the world would've no longer had to wonder what exactly is Victoria's Secret.

Unfortunately, there just isn't enough hem to lengthen it to a public-appropriate dress.  I suspect this would be totally cute on my more petite pals, particularly my sister-in-law.  I'm keeping the "dress", which shall now be relegated to a tunic in my wardrobe, because the print is just too pretty and is very "me".  I can't wait to wear it this fall with a belted cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans.  The message here:  height matters and is difficult to discern on others online, and never underestimate the power of a pair of spankies.

Dress:  BB Dakota (on sale at Urban Outfitters)
Linen Shorts:  Free People
Crop Sweater:  Merona (Target)


  1. I thought I was on my blog. lol! We have the same background. Great mines think alike (high five)

    The dress is really cute :)

    Checkout my makeup/beauty blog if you like

  2. lol looks like a tunic. I usually only have hem problems on halloween custumes. Cute dress though. :)

  3. I like it, it would be really cute paired with some light colored leggings!

  4. I agree! I'm definitely on the look out for some light grey leggings. :)