10 July 2010

Chanel Reflets D' Ombre Quad and Wild Rose Glossimer

As I stated in the previous post, I purchased the Reflets D'Ombre Quad and Wild Rose Glossimer.  Both I have passed over again and again, but because of the Master Class, I finally tried out and loved!

More pictures after the jump!

The Reflets D'Ombre Quad contains a shimmering chocolatey taupe (which looks more plummy brown on me), a white with golden shimmer (for you MAC fanatics, think Solar White, but better), a shimmering light gold, and a shimmering deep teal (which ends up more forest green on me).  The shadows are silky smooth, pigmented, and blend like a dream.  This is such a pretty quad, and I have a feeling it will be quite versatile.

Wild Rose Glossimer is a beautiful mauve with silver, pink and lilac sparkles.  It's a bit more pigmented than the glossimers of late, so it is easily worn on its own.  I'm not entirely sure why I overlooked Wild Rose because shimmering pinks are totally my bag.

swatchcat C was on hand to approve of my purchases and to supervise the swatching.  He's quite excellent at supervision.


  1. OMG the cat is too cute! I love the chanel quod. Really pretty. The gloss too xx

  2. that quad is totally gorgeous! I've added it to my gigantic Chanel wishlist, lol! Thanks Karin for the swatch

  3. Oh no! Tempting me with Chanel is not allowed! :D

    I love the look of the Glossimer but I have to resist. I have to! :D

  4. Thank you, Ansa!

    SL - I too have a gigantic Chanel wishlist. Luckily everything I want it perm, so I can get it piece by piece.

    swatchaholic - just about everything from Chanel is tempting! Those two items are perm, so you can save up for 'em!

  5. OMG your cat pic cracks me up! great Chanel haul! Don't make me want this though. I just blew so much moola on ITG. I love Chanel!