28 May 2010

Memorial Day NOTD

With Memorial Day kicking off the summer festivities, I wanted a fun mani for my action-packed weekend.  Well, not so much action-packed as hanging out with friends at the lake, and celebrating another friend's 30th birthday.

I decided to go bright and flashy, so feast your eyes upon American Apparel Miami Green topped with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure:

Freaking awesome, right?  More pics after the jump!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


  1. gaaaaahhhhhh i cant find that sally nail polish ANYWHERE!!!

  2. Keep checking back! I may or may not have a giveaway planned for a Hidden Treasure. ;)

  3. Kalee/ "Anonymous"May 31, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    (didnt know i could put my name in, lol.)
    o0oo0o, i like the sound of that! =)