15 November 2010

Dior Czarina Gold Vernis and China Glaze Wagon Trail Comparison

When I first reviewed Dior Czarina Gold, I said it was a blackened gold, and made a mental note to do a comparison to China Glaze Wagon Trail, since that is the only other blackened gold I have.  The two polishes are similar, but not dupes.  Czarina Gold is in more of a smokey base and has much more pronounced golden sparkles that give the polish an overall burnished bronze color.  Wagon Trail, on the other hand, has a black base with golden shimmers, and those shimmers give the polish an overall deep olive-y tone.

Pointer and Ring:  Wagon Trail;  Middle and Pinkie:  Czarina Gold

More pictures after the jump!

Both polishes are beautiful and apply very well.  If budgeting is your concern, China Glaze Wagon Trail certainly checks in as the most budget-friendly at roughly $6 (cheaper online).  Dior Czarina Gold is truly a luxurious treat at a hefty $21.  You can't go wrong with either color. 


  1. thank you for this! I was totally wondering about the two!

  2. Great comparison! I only have ChG, but I prefer Dior as I can see from your picture...