02 January 2011

MAC Cham Pale Collection

The Cham Pale Collection from MAC is the first one in a while that has caught my eye.  I've been focusing on exploring other brands, so I'd been passing on MAC in favor of other stuff.  I'd been looking for a couple new bases and once I saw the polishes, being the polish-hoor I am, decided I couldn't pass on those.  I ended up purchasing Dangerous Cuvee and Vintage Selection Paint Pots, and Soiree and Very Important Platinum (which is just about the least creative name ever) Polishes.

Keep reading for swatches!

Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot

Dangerous Cuvee is a slightly dirtied, metallic grey with a hint of blue-violet to it.  There is quite a bit of sparkle to this paint pot, but not so much as to give you the disco-ball effect, making it easily wearable for daytime, especially if you're layering it underneath a shadow as a base.

Vintage Selection Paint Pot

Vintage Selection is a beautiful beige pink with golden shimmer and little bits of silvery glitter.  It's not quite a sparkly as Dangerous Cuvee, so it is very wearable for daytime.

Very Important Platinum Polish

VIP Polish is a dirty metallic platinum with white pearl...very dirty.  Not really even a hint of platinum to it. It's a dirty metallic with white pearl, and an awesome dirty metallic at that.  Because of it's metallic nature, I would be remiss if I didn't mention it is a bit brush-strokey, as you can see in the pictures.  The brush strokes really aren't so bad, and I'm willing to deal with them for this color.  It's also a bit on the sheer side, and took four coats for full coverage.

Soiree Polish

Soiree Polish is a metallic rose copper?  Rose bronze?  I dunno.  It's darker and less bright than rose gold.  I bought Soiree because I misplaced my Orly Rage, but Soiree is definitely not a dupe.  If you're familiar with Orly Rage, Soiree is in the same color family, just darker and not quite as shiny.  Soiree has those two-tone metallic bits, the rosy metallic and a darker copper/bronze color.  It is a very pretty and unique color.  This polish is much more opaque and took two coats for full coverage, but I did three anyway.

I'd say the paint pots are truly the stand outs of the collection.  The polishes are very pretty, but, unless you're a polish-hoor like I am, you probably won't miss them.  The Cham Pale Collection is available online, and at counters and stores right now.  The paint pots retail for $16.50 each and the polishes are $13.00 each.


  1. Soiree looks great, but I would never wear it. I got Timeless Gold for Christmas and it has to be enough ;)
    How are you liking the paint pots? A lot of people thought them to glittery.

  2. The paint pots are a bit sparkly, but I always layer shadow over the top, so the glitter hasn't bothered me, and isn't really even noticeable if you're layering a shimmery shadow over the top. I really loved the extra little sparkle I had going on when I layered a matte light grey over Dangerous Cuvee.

  3. I have Orly's Rage, but I really like the look of Soiree Polish. It looks really good on you!

    I tagged you for the Stylish Blogger Award :-D http://www.playingwithpolish.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award/