29 October 2010

Dior Czarina Gold Vernis

What to say, what to say?  I hate starting every. freaking. post. with, "OMGGGGG, this color is sooooo amazingggggg!!!!!!"  But, well, see previous statement.  I appear to be not so much with the words today, so instead, I'll just post lots of pretty pictures.  That seems to work well.

More pictures and a description after the jump!

Czarina Gold has a deep taupe base with gold and copper sparkles.  I love the fact that this isn't another "blackened gold".  The taupe base keeps this color much more golden, rather than that greenish color that a gold+black base ends up.  Do you NEED this polish if you have lots of gold+black bases?  Nah, it's not that unique (especially at Dior's price point).  But, Czarina Gold is a really pretty twist on the trend.  It applies quite nicely, and two coats is enough for opacity.

BTW, Czarina Gold is not the same as Aztec Chocolate, as I predicted, so I am very happy to be wrong about that.  Czarina Gold is available at Nordstrom, and probably also other luxury department stores.


  1. Guess who bought this colour today :D

    Like it a lot, but when I saw it in the bottle I thought it will be too warm, but once applied it is amazing! Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. Yay, enjoy it! I love the versatility of Czarina Gold.