06 March 2011

OPI for Sephora Glee: Mash-Up

I'll admit it...there's no shame in it.  I'm a bit of a Gleek.  If you watch Glee, you know why it's so awesome.  And if you don't, are you waiting for some sort of private invitation?  Watch it already!!

Jumping on the Glee-bandwagon is Sephora, by releasing a whole line of polishes dedicated to Glee.  My pockets aren't deep enough that I could indulge in them all, so I strategically chose one:  Mash-Up.  I didn't test or see any of the others, but this one is the clear winner based on uniqueness alone...and it doesn't hurt that it was inspired by the hunky Mr. Schuester, who is reason enough alone to watch Glee, amiright?!  Mash-Up is a pearly, opalescenty, multi-tonal, glittery grey, and I think I've used my daily allotment of adjectives, so I'll just let y'all drool over the pictures.

Peep the rest of the pics after the jump!

Mash-Up is considerably lighter than how it is pictured online.  I expected more of a charcoal grey, but it's actually more of a murky, dove grey with rosy pink, seafoam green, turquoise and lavender quadchrome? flashes (depending on the lighting) and silver microglitters.  It's also fairly sheer, so it took me four coats to get opaque coverage.  Still, this polish is worth every extra brush stroke.

The whole Glee collection is available online at sephora.com, and the polishes retail for $9.50 each.  Yes, that is a hefty chunk of change, but Mash-Up is totally worth it.


  1. I adore Glee! Mash-Up is gorgeous, and it's also my favorite thing that the Glee kids do!

  2. 3rd picture is just gorgeous! does it look so good in real? :)

  3. It really does! It's hard not to stare at it all day. :)

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