06 February 2011

Butter London Nail Lacquer - Marrow

I'd been reading lots of good things about Butter London polishes, so I decided to indulge myself in a few (read:  13 or so).  I was going to do just a couple massive posts, but these colors are so pretty I decided each deserves it's own post.  Given all the Butter London polishes I have to post about, I'm going to declare this "Butter London Week" and post all my favorites (of what I have, anyway) this week.

Butter London polishes are all 3-Free and are the creation of Brit Sasha Muir who moved stateside to Seattle and, with the help of fellow Brit, Nonie Creme, created the line based on her home country, complete with a cheeky British naming-convention.  Just about all of the polishes had full coverage in two coats, with the exception of one (I'll let you know which one when I post it).  I always do three coats, though.

Up first from my expanding Butter London collection is Marrow, a beautiful blue-based purple with subtle shimmer.  The first and last pictures are the most color-accurate.

Click the jump for more pics!

I am so in love with these polishes, especially the adorable British names!  You can purchase Butter London at several retailers, including Nordstrom.com, Ulta.com, Beauty.com, and directly from Butter London at ButterLondon.com.  Butter London polishes retail for $14 each (although, sometimes Beauty.com has discount codes so you can get 'em for less!)


  1. 13! Wow! Looking forward to the rest of the swatches. :)

  2. this is a stunning shade Karin. I've never tried Butter London and am really tempted now

  3. Yes, this polish is awesome! Wait 'til you guys see the rest!