25 December 2010

Do you measure Christmas Spirit in lights?

Last night Mr. swatchcat and I drove around town looking at Christmas lights before heading off to midnight Mass.  As we drove around, I began to wonder what people are thinking when they decorate the house.  The vast majority keep it simple and understated, which is what I prefer.

This whole block gets in on the act.  Yes, it's a bit over the top, but hey, they sure have the spirit of cooperation down.

We went to one particular subdivision where the houses are ginormous, and therefore, the occupants have plenty of cash to spend on lighting up.

But, there are the few that just don't know when to stop.  Click the jump to see.

This house really wasn't all that bad.  A kid (yes, a kid) and his folks and friends set up this display and it is set to music.  Just two songs, one from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but the other was some dark sadistic sounding theme that was just totally out-of-place.  I'm pretty sure I saw a snowman spewing something.

That show wasn't nearly as bad as another musical display we drove by.  I neglected to take pictures, but suffice it to say that one of the songs was about yellow snow and steaming piles of ... (set to the tune of "Let it Snow") and every time mention was made of yellow snow, a dog would light up and underneath the dog, yellow lights would flicker under the layer of snow.  Klassy.

Then, there was this house...whose homeowners subscribe to the theory that the measure of Christmas Spirit is based on how much shit you can cram in your yard.

So. Much. Crap.

However many lights you choose to display to prove your Christmas Spirit, I won't judge you...much.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE the 'so much crap' we have a couple houses JUST like that in our town and they always make my Christmas complete!

  2. Those houses are fun! I do love looking at them. I'll bet the neighbors hate the traffic, though!

  3. I bet the people who live in that last house are hoarders or something. That's insane!